Privacy Policy

If you use GP One services, you may also entrust us with personal and confidential information. This privacy policy informs you what data we collect, how it is processed and why we need it.

Information collected by us The information we collect serves, among other things, to analyse fraud, analyse the use of a website in reference to advertising space, visibility measurement of advertising and / or contents of websites.

Data is collected by using our services:

  • Geographical Information Through IP, browser and / or app we capture the approximate geographic location to verify the customer’s correct geographic delivery.
  • Device related Information We collect device-specific information, including GPU, browser, operating system, the device itself (Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, Car, TV etc.)
  • Log-Data
    • Details of how you have used something in relation to the particular analysis. This can be the use of an internet site, watching a video or an advertisement.
    • IP-Address (illegible, not personalised)
    • Browser specific information like language, MIMEs, plugins, toolbars, extension, compatibility, version and status
    • Unique User Tracking’s, through which you are clearly recognisable.
  • Cookies, Local Storage and similar technologies We use different technological possibilities to recognise a user again and again.
    • Cookies We work with Ad View tracking without Cookies.

Processing of collected data The collected data is used for the following purposes:

  • Fraud detection
  • Use analysis
  • View ability measurements
  • Protection against fraud for end customers, agencies and end users

Storage of personal and non-personal information All data is stored for approx. 3 months, whereby data such as IP addresses are directly made illegible by hash.

Information passed on by us GP One GmbH does not pass on any personally identifiable information to companies, organisations or individuals, except in any of the following circumstances:

  • With your consent
    Personal data is only passed on to Companies, Organisations or Persons outside of GP One GmbH if we have received your consent to do so. Your explicit consent is required for the disclosure of any sensitive categorised personal information.

  • For processing externally
    Your personal data is only made available to our partners, trusted businesses or persons if we have commissioned them to process these for us.

  • For legal reasons
    GP One GmbH only discloses personal data with Companies, Organisations or Persons if it is deemed necessary that access to this data or its use, storage or disclosure of the information is absolutely necessary:
    • To meet any applicable law, regulation, enforceable government process or legal process.
    • To enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations.
    • To detect and prevent fraud, security issues or technical problems.
    • To protect the rights, property or safety of GP One GmbH or the public from damages as legally permissible or necessary.

We guarantee the confidentiality of any personal data in the event that GP One GmbH is involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale. Affected users will be notified in a timely manner before the disclosure of any personal data or if they become subject of a different privacy policy.

Data Protection We strive intensively to ensure and prevent unauthorised access to GP One GmbH and against unauthorised alteration, disclosure or destruction of data that we possess.

To prevent unauthorised access to our systems, we regularly review our practices for collection, storage and processing, including physical security measures.

The access to personal data is restricted to employees and contractors only by GP One GmbH, whom requires knowledge of this information or has to process it. They are subject to strict confidentiality obligations, which can lead to disciplinary measures or termination of contract, if these obligations are not adhered.

We encrypt many of our services using SSL.

Scope of the privacy policy Our privacy policy applies to all services provided by GP One GmbH and its affiliates. Services which are offered by other Companies or Persons, including products and websites, which possibly contain GP One GmbH services, are not valid with our privacy policy.

Compliance with Regulations The compliance of our privacy policy is regularly reviewed. If we receive a formal written complaint, we contact the person to handle the complaint. In cases we cannot resolve a complaint about the disclosure of personal data from users; we work together with the relevant regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities.

Amendments The possibility exists that our privacy policy may change from time to time. If changes to the privacy policy occur, we will publish these changes on this page.

Separate privacy information regarding products


Saving IP’s on non-human calls If the IP does not belong to a person but to a data centre (Crawler, Bot, Scrapper etc.) the IP is saved in plain text and add to a database. This information is then compared with the IP registrars of each country and added in our database upon confirmation.

Reason for this exception Any advertising calls from non-humans are considered fraud.

This database is used to protect advertisers and website operators.

Transfer of Unique Identifier (personal key) We do not transfer any UI to our customers through API’s or similar technologies.

Opt-Out We offer you two possibilities for opt-out.
This prevents us from saving personal information such as unique identifiers.

The Opt-Out options can be found under the following URL

Setting and collection of data The service GSI does not set a cookie, local storage or similar technology upon successful opt-out.

Data Processing Information for Opt-Out

Information regarding the Standard Opt-Out process

Storage of data We use a cache to capture the data until the data is saved. After approx. 30 minutes the cache is emptied and the data is read, any unique identifier records which have been set for opt-out are deleted.

Identification by Cookie Standard Opt-Out is made possible by setting a cookie. If you delete this cookie, then you must confirm the standard opt-out once again.

Information regarding the extended opt-out process

Storage of data We use a cache to capture the data until the data is saved.
After approx. 30 minutes the cache is emptied and the data is read, any unique identifier records which have been set for opt-out are deleted.

Identification by IP The identification for this method is done to 100% by your IP address. If you use VPN, Proxy, Tor or IP concealment techniques while moving around the internet, then we cannot detect you.

Duration/Expiration of Identification As information, we will receive from you the contract duration of your internet connection.
At the very latest, 1 month before contract end, we would require confirmation, in writing, from your Internet Provider that the contract has not been terminated and the contract continues until x date.

If we do not receive such a letter in due time, then the “extended opt-out process” automatically expires on the following day of the end of the contract.

Last Update on: 22.05.2018

Privacy Policy