GSI is an Ad Verification Tool that determines if a visitor to a website is a human or a machine, if you do not want us to recognise you permanently as human, then we offer you two possibilities to inform GSI that we shall not save any Unique Identifiers about you.

Extended Opt-Out

If you do not want GSI to save any information about you, you can do so with this option.


  • You have a static IP
  • You do not have more than 1GB Up/Down
  • You have a list of static IP’s available from your Internet Provider.
  • An order confirmation from your current Internet Provider with contract duration
  • A valid ID card for the contractual party with the Internet Provider.

If you have met all the requirements then please fill in the form below

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Standard Opt-Out

In this varian, you set a cookie in your browser, which informs us that you do not want tob e recognised again and you do not want us to save Unique Identifiers.

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